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Metal Roofing Contractors of Fort Worth

Metal Roofing company in Fort Worth TX
Metal Roofing Colors available on request

#1 Metal Roofing Company in Texas

Over the years, the generations have seen an immense evolution in terms of home improvement. We believe here over at Metal Roofing Contractors, roofs are one of them and stood as a foundation for many steady homes. Although, the mentality of people to withstand old roofs for years without even replacing them is also gone.

At present, Metal Roofing is playing a prominent part as it lasts for a lifetime while can withstand extreme weather conditions. Still, you will need to hire the best roofing contractor in Texas if you need the desired results. Remember, the process of selecting an ideal roofing contractor is pretty different and challenging compared to the past gigs.

Despite being well trained, Most of the contractors are experienced in only traditional types of roofing which were used in the past, and don’t know the exceptional nature of cutting edge equipment and material. With Metal Roofing Contractors, you can expect the best results with any type of roofing material to fit your unique project needs.

About US

At Metal Roofing Contractors, We have been doing residential and commercial roof installation, repair, and maintenance services in Texas for many years. Our trained roofing experts have worked on a variety of construction venues including homes, schools, business places, and much more with a common aim to provide unparalleled durable results for any roofing system.

We are proficient in transforming various styles and finishes including metal roofing, slate roofing, tile roofing, wood roofing, asphalt roofing & much more as per your demand. We have a piece of vast knowledge to select the ideal roofing material for you and the right manner to install it perfectly.

No project is too large or small for us, as we put every inch of our professionalism to stand out among any roofing contractor in Texas. All our pricing models are affordable and fit under the budget of the general public. In the past years, We have earned huge respect and confidence with our flexibility and are still on the way to collecting more. We were able to reach these heights of success only with the blend of quality products and workmanship held by our roofing team. Moreover, We provide the set of most prolonged warranties on the material and maintenance.

Metal Roofing Contractors under the uncertainty spread by competitor roofers by offering low pricing models as a marketing strategy and aims to beat them by offering quality roofing installation, repair, or maintenance that last a sense of security for a lifetime. We are fully licensed and dedicated to work while maintaining the integrity of the business. Nevertheless, You will be getting a FREE roof estimate on every installation or repair with a variety of options. Call Metal Roofing Contractors today at 817-854-8398 to start your roofing project.

Roofing Services We Offer

Residential Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing home in FTW
This is one amazing metal roof in Fort Worth, Texas

Metal Roofing is the most durable one among all roofing types with a durability of around 50 years with no maintenance. Metal roofing sheets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be installed over any existing roof space without taking the old one down. Metal Roofs are lightweight, fire-resistant, and rustproof.

Residential Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing in Hiland Park, TX
Slate tile roofing with texture in Coppell, Texas

A large number of homeowners in Texas choose slate roofing as their primary roofing type because of its distinctive properties and fireproof nature. Although, slate roofing is quite expensive and needs a specialized installation. If done correctly, this roofing can last for centuries.

Residential Tile Roofing

TIle Roofing in Texas by Metal Roofing Contractors
Beautiful Tile Roofing Project in Dallas Texas

Tile Roofing is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. These are heavyweight and don’t fit well on homes with poor structural requirements. These can be damaged easily by just walking but durable against extreme weather conditions.

Residential Wood Shake Roofing

Natural Wooden Shingles in Frisco, Texas

Wood roofing is another durable and attractive roofing type but requires maintenance by a professional wooden contractor on a regular interval to perform well. The wood roofing is not proficient in fighting the fire but is superior to add a contemporary look to your home.

Residential Architectural Laminate Roofing

30 Year Shingles in Fort Worth Texas
Laminate 30 yr shingles on an awesome home in Keller, Texas

Asphalt Shingles are the most recommended among all other roofing types in Texas. These Shingles come usually in two varieties-Composition Shingles and Fiberglass Shingles. Both varieties exhibit a fire-resistant and waterproof nature alongside a lightweight surface. They are relatively inexpensive and come in different colors and designs.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Company in Dallas

Commercial roofing is a protective method to seal off the roofs of a commercial business structure. These are the most prominent as well as durable & versatile among business owners in Texas. Alongside being lightweight, commercial roofing reduces energy consumption and saves a ton on your business.

Locations We Serve For Roofing

  • Fort Worth, Texas Roofing
  • Burleson, Texas Roofing
  • Keller, Texas Roofing
  • Arlington, Texas Roofing
  • Dallas, Texas Roofing
  • Irving, Texas Roofing
  • Frisco, Texas Roofing

Here at Metal Roofing Contractors recognize the differences in the weather throughout Texas. Our talented roofers are experienced in working at almost every location and are delighted to serve you with utmost professionalism during your roofing installation or repair job.

Although, we provide accurate quotes at an initial period for a more transparent journey. We have been servicing throughout Fort worth, Dallas, Keller, Arlington, Frisco, Irving & surrounding areas to provide you with the premium choice of roofing materials to fulfill your needs for a safe and modern home place.

Metal Roofing Contractors team of roofers have the in-depth knowledge to preserve your investment in the best way possible by providing top-class roofing products. Our customers alongside Fort Worth, Dallas, Keller, Arlington, Frisco, Irving & surrounding areas around Texas have been well served by our team of roofers to sustain different climate conditions and still, we are counting onto more.

Our Team is very proud of the sustainability and integrity we have maintained so far in the past several years. There’s nothing more that makes us happy other than supporting your business or home with affordable roofing systems that saves a lot. The time has come up to buckle up the armor, We are ready. Are you? Contact our Roofing Contractors in Texas to learn more!


Do you all work with insurance companies?

Yes. We have project coordinators that work with the insurance companies to help you get through your project hassle free.

Can your company handle just repairs to metal roofing?

Absolutely! We can come out and repair metal, tile, slate and even asphalt shingles without creating more issues. We will even give you a free, no hassle quote for a new roof for future reference.

How long does it take to install a roof?

Most roofs can be completed in a few days, depending on the roof size. Most of your Asphalt roofs can be completed in a day or two. Larger homes over 3500 sq ft will take roughly 2 -3 days. Metal roofing can take less than a week, once material has been delivered.

Do you all have finance options?

Yes. Also, while working with insurance companies, we can take payment from them directly; depending on carrier.

Give us a call today for a free Quote with no Obligation

The roof above you is designed to guard your home during extreme climatic conditions as well as trespassers. It is strong, reliable, and moreover an essential investment to your home that you should take on priority. At Metal Roofing Contractors, We understand that and provide premium residential and commercial roofing services to all.

We work with individuals belonging to different lifestyles, homes, and requirements and fulfill each and every one by providing our versatile set of roofing systems including metal, asphalt, wood, tiles & much more. For the moment, We are one of the premier players among the roofing contractors in Texas with zero complaints and 100% client satisfaction.

We have been successfully installing and repairing roofs for countless home and business owners till now who want to feel safe at their place. As a Metal Roofing Contractors customer, you can rest assured that your home is guarded with a layer of commitment and workmanship warranty that comes under our roofing installation process.

Want to book a session with one of our roofing service contractors in Texas, Contact Metal Roofing Contractors by calling at 817-854-8398 now.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say

This was the second time we have used Metal Roofing Contractors for our roof on a 20-year-old home. The removal and installation process was smooth and quick like the last time.

-Kathryn Pierce

When we made up our mind by seeing our neighbor replacing the roof, Metal roofing contractors came out and thoroughly inspected our roof to see that it needs minor repairs. Honesty at its best!

-John Smith

I reached out to Metal Roofing Contractors after a heavy storm caused some damage to my home. The team arrived timely and fixed my roof promptly and to my complete satisfaction.

-Che Williams