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Contact Fort Worth’s Best Local Roofer✅

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Suffering from leaking roofs or need a re-roofing done? It’s time to get it done. Even if you have used a strong quality material on your residential or commercial roofing system, A time will come where you need to give it extra attention. Although only a professional roofing contractor can handle all the hassle of roof installation, repair, or maintenance. But the thing is, where do you need to start?

You can search it online for the best roofers across Texas or can use a name provided by one of your friends but still, you need them to evaluate. Individuals in Texas choose roofers based on price but still, there is a room full of safety and peace left behind. Before choosing a roofing contractor in Texas, Always ask these questions:

1. Are you a single roofer or a team?

2. How long are you into roofing?

3. Do you have a license and insurance?

4. Do you specialize in all types of roofing?

5. What type of products do you recommend?

6. What’s the usual timeline for a roofing job?

7. Do you have any references from previous jobs?

At Metal Roofing Contractors, We are the answer to all these questions. We are a fully licensed and insured roofing company based in Texas with 25 years of experience. We specialize in almost all types of roofing types including asphalt, wood, metal, commercial & much more. We use the state of the art products and tools for providing timely deliveries of every roofing project. Our team is known for its craftsmanship and excellence in providing a perfect job at the end. It’s not us who tell our stories, but the clients who wrote testimonials daily on our Facebook page, email, or message box.

Why Metal Roofing Contractors


As a premier roofing contractor in Texas, We have established business with top-notch roofing manufacturers who supply state-of-the-art roofing material to us.


Our team is knowledgeable and holds an excellent record of providing happy roofing jobs all around Texas. We inspect thoroughly your job and make it with such accuracy such that it lasts for a lifetime.


We offer outstanding value on every ounce of your investment. To do this, We add extra value-added offers timely on roofing jobs. Satisfied customers are what Metal Roofing Contractors seek.


We have been spreading smiles for ___ years and still craving for more. Our reputation and love among customers have taken us so far we can never imagine of. We are still looking to grow in terms of our team, quality of the products and services we offer.


At Metal Roofing Contractors, We believe that all of the 4 above-mentioned points are the key to exceptional service. We take these values seriously and apply the same to every roofing job done by our roofing contractor in Texas. You will be amazed at the detailed view, unbeatable price, and a stellar job every time. We know that roofs are the most important part of your home and we do everything to make them durable and last over years. You will be receiving a perfect roofing job, no matter how much time you hire us as your preferred roofing contractor in Texas.

Areas We Serve

We have been servicing throughout:

  • Fort Worth
  • Dallas
  • Keller
  • Arlington
  • Frisco
  • Irving

Our team of roofers have all the extensive knowledge to preserve your investment in the best way possible by providing top-class roofing products. We are proud of the sustainability and integrity we have maintained so far in the past 25 years. There’s nothing more that makes us happy other than supporting your business or home with our affordable residential and commercial roofing systems.

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