Laminated Shingles

Laminated Shingles

Laminated Shingles on home in Fort Worth.  40 Year shingles with impact resistant caps.
Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision showing asphalt shingles and multiple roof lines

Laminate Roofing Contractor in Texas

Laminate Shingles are of the latest cutting-edge roofing types that come into highlights. It is also known as “laminated architectural” or “architectural” shingles. Laminate Shingles are one of the most effective choices of shingling a roof and come under the category of asphalt. Although, Laminate shingles are constructed with several layers of fiberglass dipped in asphalt and coated against a unique fire-resistant material. The Laminate shingles come in different shapes and sizes which provides them with a better 3-dimensional view.

As the laminate shingles are heavier than most of their competition, They can easily withstand the test of time including rainfall, winds, snow, and extreme weather conditions. This makes laminate shingles durable for a long duration of time. However, Doing Laminate roofing for your home is not an easy job and requires an expert hand. You will be needing a professional laminate roofing contractor that knows the sensitivity of applying those shingles on your rooftop. Although, you didn’t feel too fear anymore as there is a range of laminate roofing contractors in Texas. But before going in, let’s talk about how it can be beneficial as compared to other roofing types.

Benefits of Laminate Shingles


Laminated shingles have a 3d structure built on the surface. Unlike 3-tab roofing, there are no tab slots made on them neither they are heavier than them. However, they need extra built-on support under the surface to lighten up the load.


Laminate or architectural shingles are driven to be more durable than any other roofing type. Architectural shingles contain multiple layers of material and granules on the top while traditional asphalt shingles only have one layer over the mat. As of this strong composition of layers, Laminate shingles tend to be more resistant against the wind. A quality laminate shingle roofing can wind withstand 120 mph winds while the standard ones only have the affinity for a maximum of 80 mph. Also, they tend to withstand fire damage.


Laminate Shingles can be personalized to fit your exact requirements and customer taste. Although, It is already one of the most demanding roofing types among the individuals of Texas. The reason being, The 3d patterns of these beautiful shingles look very much expensive. Their in-depth patterns and textures provide your residential space with a high-quality appearance. You can choose among a variety of colors that suits the interior or exterior of your house and make it feel like a home. These roofs stood best when your only goal is to add a more curb appeal feel to your residential building in Texas.


The Laminate Shingles cost more than the 3-tab shingle but can pay their wage overtime as of its longevity and durability. Also, They require less maintenance and replacement as compared to other roofing types. The warranties for Laminate Shingles last for more than 30-50 years and in some rare cases can cross the mark of 75.

Re-Sale Value:

The laminate shingles can benefit your home by increasing its resale value when the property came across the market. For this to happen, make sure that you hire a reputed laminate roofing contractor in Texas who can make get the job done correctly while installing each laminate shingle precisely.

#1 Laminate Roofing Contractor in Texas

Laminated Shingles are proven to be one of the most cutting-edge architecture advancements in the past few years. They possess a range of benefits including durability, increasing resale value, appearance, and much more as stated above. If you are looking to rebuild your existing home in Texas, or just constructing a new house, these laminate shingles might be the perfect roofing choice for you.

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