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⭐Wood Shake Shingle Contractors⭐

Wood Shake Shingle Company in Fort Worth

Wood Shake Shingles in Texas

Wood shake shingles are basically an alternative version of traditional asphalt shingle and is sometimes known as a wood shake. Wood Shingles are mostly utilized in residential roofing because of their natural appearance while they possess a wide variety of colors and thickness.

Wood Shingles are installed uniquely on a rooftop to maintain the character of a building. Moreover, They are biodegradable and thus stand out to be one of the most eco-friendly roofing types.

Unlike other roofing types, Wood Shingles are very much susceptible to nature, rain, wind, sun, or snow. The wood shingles are worn off easily as a result of weather conditions. Thus, they become more prone to water and opens the doorways for damage.

On the other hand, A too dry wooden roof is very much prone to fire. With all these disadvantages in mind, there are several reasons why you should install these wood shingles by hiring a wood shake shingle contractors in Texas which are as below:

Benefits of Wood Shingle Roofing

Natural Look:

Wooden Shingle roofing provides a native aesthetic result to your home depending upon the requirements of customers in Texas. From rustic to refined, you can choose any look while increasing your property value by using this type.


Wood shingles maintain their shape themselves by withstanding the strong weather conditions and debris over time.

Damage & Decay Resistant:

Our Wood Shingles are very much resistant against Ultraviolet rays, insect damage, and decay. You can even extend their lifespans by adding a layer of treatment to them.

Variety of Choices:

Wood roofing materials or shingles can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and finishing options including oiled, painted and stained.


Wooden Shingles can last for more than 20-30 years if installed properly by an expert wood roofing contractor in Texas.

Energy Efficient:

Wood Shingles low-density material assist in providing insulation as well as ventilation to the inside of your home.

Ensure Safety:

Wood Shingles treated with fire retardants can reduce the risk of burning down in the case of natural extremities while saving your rooftop against premature rotting. Wood is a natural combustible substance so preventing it against fire is a foremost task.


As of a hassle-free manufacturing process. Wood Shingles are a way more considerable investment than asphalt. As long as you maintain the wood shingles by doing timely inspections, It can last than the lifespan of most of the material, making it an investment worth your money.


Maintenance is a vital vitamin to the edge of your wooden roof project. As stated earlier, Wood roofs can be rot over with staining and sealing, which is so far the biggest disadvantage of wood shingles but can be avoided as a part of maintenance.

Environmentally friendliness:

Wood shingles are made from natural material and thus don’t release any contaminants when disposed of.

#1 Wood Shake Shingle Contractors in Texas

Are you looking forward to a new roof and want to make it look distinctive without spending too much, then wood shingles will be just right to evident your residential space in Texas with beauty.

Although, you can’t be choosing any random roofing contractor in Texas when you are adopting wood shingles or wooden roofing to style your home. You need a team of expert roofing contractors who are knowledgeable as well as experienced – an optimal roofing contractor that works with wood shingles every day.

Well, your search finish here. We at Metal Roofing Contractors do exactly the same. Our roofing team in Texas specializes in wood shingles and their siding solution. We carry out all the installation, repair, and maintenance parts on our own without depending on any third party.

The Wooden shingles installed are referred by our customers all around Texas. Moreover, We guide you through all the basic steps to choose an ideal variety of wooden roofs that promise to be with you for a lifetime.

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When you need your home to be the best, Metal Roofing Contractors deliver and install wood shingles in a time-efficient manner with no compromise to quality. We are here to answer all your questions regarding our wood shingle roofing services in Texas and provide a free estimate on any type of wood shingle product and material. Call us today at 817-854-8398 to know more.